Telecom Cloud

Class 4 & 5 softswitch


Carrier Grade Platforms

TelecomCloud is a complete turn key voice business service. We deliver a white labeled highly functional (Class 5)PBX or (Class 4) SBC platform to effectively handle and operate a complete VOIP switching and routing business.

Our built in intelligence promises to deliver seamless and optimized end to end VOIP services. Our software and routing engines makes sure that you reap all the benefits from your growing business without the overhead. Our Class 4 softswitches enabled with least cost routing software enable our clients to dig deeper into the rate decks and deliver the most cost effective and stable VOIP routing solutions.

Our user management and admin operating interface is workflow automated and is designed to be inherently simple in its implementation and operations.

Overall our end to end user friendly interface and powerful operating engine reduces costs, improves workforce and delivers performance without the overhead.

Modules and Features

Voip Developers

If you already have a softswitch and need our experts to develop the automation and APIs, Contact NoveltySoft for VoIP and API development proposals. Carriers need to automate to stay competitive in todays' telco enviroment, and we understand this better than anyone, so our development is tailored for most budgets including possible revenue sharing models.

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