Our Voice solutions deliver some of the most powerful telecom solutions in the market today. Carriers supporting dialer traffic or Enterprises running telemarketing campaigns can rely on our telecom cloud management platform. Cloud based provides a truly unlimited scalability and accessibility on a global scale; our natively simple predictive dialer solutions have the intelligence for your calling campaigns and the full call lifecycle for carriers and regulators.

Our customizable graphical user interface can very easily support end users, create and setup any type of a campaign with the click of a few buttons.

Our Voice dialer software also enables Carriers or Enterprises to design and operate high capacity outbound and inbound routing while ensuring real time visibility and quality. These systems have been designed so you can engage your customers instantaneously without the skillsets required in operating your platform. Being completely customizable you can easily choose modules to add more features to support your business objectives


Integrated Contact Management

Choose from API or CRM, Don't waste valuable time adding numbers for campaigns. Easily import, and manage opt-in and out, collect all user data securely and PCI compliant.

IVR Controls

Includes a full Interactive Voice Response system, upload your own audio or API into 3rd party sources. Simple DTMF (keypad) control setting and more.

Real-Time Reporting

View actual calls in progress, listen or record any call on the network. Generate call detail records and reports based on campaigns or network wide successful calls. More Reports than we can list.

End User Experience

Provides Registration and verification of all users, full CMS and User activity monitoring. Customize look and feel to match your corporate brand or upgrade your old site with a white labeled system of your own.

Billing and invoicing control

Full user finance management from prepay, postpay and custom rating options. Selling campaigns or running campaigns can all be budget based and control spends.

Network Monitoring System

Dont worry, we have your transparency and network covered with automatic system alerts through email or SMS and optional NOC support from Tier 1 to Tier 3 engineers.


Built-in Ticketing System for Support, Sales or Billing departments. Dont worry about tickets going unanswered, our system auto-generates responses based on the customers demand, with informative data to help resolve or escalate any requests.

Uncompromising Performance

We are here to support your growth, from more capacity to custom development and engineering. Our teams are experts in telecommunications and software. We can integrate with your current operations or provide support 24/7.

Customer Self Service

Choose what you need your clients to do on their own, or limit what they can do, its all in your control. From Web Marketing to Billing, we have features to support your business objectives.

DNC -Do Not Call

Integrate with the National DNC list, APIs and auto-populating do-not-call lists automatically, enables end users to opt-in or out with ease. SMS gateway available as well.