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Voice Cruise Control

Our Voice solutions deliver some of the most powerful telecom solutions in the market today. Carriers supporting dialer traffic or Enterprises running telemarketing campaigns can rely on our telecom cloud management platform. Cloud based provides a truly unlimited scalability and accessibility on a global scale; our natively simple predictive dialer solutions have the intelligence for your calling campaigns and the full call lifecycle for carriers and regulators.

Our customizable graphical user interface can very easily support end users, create and setup any type of a campaign with the click of a few buttons.

Our Voice dialer software also enables Carriers or Enterprises to design and operate high capacity outbound and inbound routing while ensuring real time visibility and qaulity. These systems have been designed so you can engage your customers instantaneously without the skillsets required in operating your platform. Being completely customizable you can easily choose modules to add more features to support your business objectives.

Modules and Features

Voip Developers

If you already have a softswitch and need our experts to develop the automation and APIs, Contact NoveltySoft for VoIP and API development proposals. Carriers need to automate to stay competitive in todays telco enviroment, and we understand this better than anyone, so our development is tailored for most budgets including possible revenue sharing models.

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